Intel C++ Studio license issues

Intel C++ Studio license issues

I have the following few questions related to the Intel C++ Studio license. Would appreciate any guidance that I can receive.

  1. We have floating licenses for Intel C++ Studio. One of my team member working from a remote location is trying to acquire the license over VPN and is facing some issues. He gets a message saying that the license file is invalid. I therefore wanted to check if it is possible to acquire licenses  for Intel C++ Studio over VPN
  2. On certain other PCs we have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 installed. Only the Intel C++ Composer is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Can the Intel C++ Composer (which is believe is a subset of the Intel C++ Studio) work with the Intel C++ Studio license?

Best regardsArvind

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I wonder if Intel engineers could follow up and answer Arvind's quiestions? Thanks in advance.


'License file is invalid' sounds like you didn't re-read the new license file on the license server after a license renewal or upgrade. On the clients add USE_SERVER as second line into the license file (if you used the license file on the client; if you used port@server you don't need to change anything). This makes the client license independant from any license changes on the server.

Yes, the C++ Composer XE is a component of the C++ Studio XE and you can run a Composer XE license under a C++ Studio XE installation. Of course, you can use the C++ Composer XE then only.

Regards, Hubert 

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