Stale directories after component updates

Stale directories after component updates

I initally installed parallel studio 2013 and have since installed composer_xe (c++ and fortran) updates 1-4.  This results in the symlinks in composer_xe_2013 all pointing to files in composer_xe_2013.4.183.  My question involves the leftover composer_xe_2013.(n).xxx directories from the old updates.  Can anything outside composer depend on the composer directories not pointed at by the composerxe symlink?  Assuming both the c/c++ and fortran compiler are on update 4, is it safe to rm -rf the older update directories?  I cannot see any reason why that shouldn't be safe, but I'm also not terribly familiar with component interdependancies. 

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Casey, Sorry for a generic response.

I'd like to bring attention of Intel software engineers. I think the following three threads ( see below ) are very related and there are some install, update and uninstall issues / problems with Intel® Parallel Studio 2013. During last two weeks several users reported some problems and a list of threads in the forum with descriptions of similar problems is growing:

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No problem Sergey.

To add to that list another issue I've previously encountered is when you don't keep your c++ and fortran compiler updates in sync, e.g. you have update 3 of icc/icpc and update 4 of ifort (or some other combination).  In these cases the environment script  compose_xe_2013/bin/compilervars.(csh|sh) is only able to setup access to components in the newest installed update while sourcing the script from the previous update directly will do the same but for the older update.  This can create some issues building projects that don't solely rely on either the fortran or c compilers (and debugging can have issues).  This is easily fixed by keeping both compilers synced in updates, but can be confusing the when first encountered.   

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