Static analysis results do not show

Static analysis results do not show

Dear all,

I'm using Microsoft Visual Sutdio 2008 to developp a C++ application and I'm using Intel XE Parallel studio to do memory profiling (with Inspector). I would like to do static analysis ( as explained here : ). There the documentation says:

Analysis results will open automatically in the Intel® Inspector XE user interface.

But after running Build for Intel Static Analysis, then nothing happens. Console output indicate that compilation run without errors.

Does anyone knows what's happening? What could I investigate more?



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Did you try to link with Intel librarian tool xilib.exe?

Do you have any updates?

Thanks for the reply. I finally catched that I had to configure my project for Intel Compiler before being able to access the Static analysis options. This is strange as now when I try to run "Build for Intel Static Analysis", I get a popup to ask me to configure the project compiler to do that...

Next I'm having other problems: one of my project fails for analysis. Compiling with Intel works fine, but when I enable static analysis, this is what show up in the console:

Performing source code analysis... (Intel C++ Environment)
Analysis 10 % complete
Analysis 20 % complete
Analysis 30 % complete
": internal error: backend signals

Analysis 40 % complete
Analysis 50 % complete
xilink: error #10338: Static analysis has failed because of an internal error(code 4).  Analysis results are likely to be incomplete.

I guess I should open a new thread for this, but in case someone read it there... Thanks

I cannot find what is the meaning of error code 4.


Following comments put on thread, I'm still getting the error while I performed an update to change the compiler version (previously Build 20130607, after update: Build 20130728). I don't know where to look further, and additionally I cannot connect to the Premier Support website (it keeps saying "Not Authorized to Access" while I have valid support and correct activations...)


Try to ask that question on Intel compiler forum relevant to programming language used by you.

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