can't uninstall xe_2013

can't uninstall xe_2013

The last two versions of parallel studio were crashing my linux machines in the middle of the install process.  I thought I would uninstall all of the old versions and try a fresh install, but 4 of the currently installed products advisor_xe_2013, inspcetor_xe_2013, vtune_amplifier_xe_2013 and parallel_studio_xe_2013 won't uninstall.  The uninstall script gives me the message: "the package does not support the platform it is being run on.  Please check to be sure the correct architecture of package has been downloaded."  Would it be sufficient for me to erase the 25 intel rpm packages I still see installed on my system?

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Yes, it should work if you remove all the related rpms and the install directory (like /opt/intel/).

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