Intel.SoftwareManager package doesn't load correctly; MSVC 2010

Intel.SoftwareManager package doesn't load correctly; MSVC 2010


We're running devenv.exe from within cygwin, and get the following message when starting Visual Studio 2010:

"The 'Intel.SoftwareManager.IsmPkg,Intel.SoftwareManager,Version=' package did not load correctly." The rest of the dialog suggests examining ActivityLog.xml.

The error from ActivityLog.xml reads:

    <time>2013/10/03 00:20:48.829</time>
    <description>SetSite failed for package [Intel.SoftwareManager.IsmPkg, Intel.SoftwareManager, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=338423d0c6ec8b0d]</description>
    <hr>80004003 - E_POINTER</hr>
    <errorinfo>Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: path1</errorinfo>

Is there a way to resolve this issue?

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It looks as a null pointer and that hex address could be the address of the culprit or error code.

Right. 0x80004003 is the MS return code for invalid pointer. The problem is that I don't have any more visibility into what's happening. I was hoping that someone could shed some insight on what to look for to resolve this, such as the parameters that SetSite is using, and the source of those parameters.

Thanks, Aaron

I also do not know how to start troubleshooting this.

AARON K., if you still experience the problem, please submit an issue to

Will do, thank you.

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