Installation of Math Kernal Library failed

Installation of Math Kernal Library failed

I am trying to install the Parallel Studio XE 2013 on a Linux server with CentOS.  I understand that this operating system is not supported.  I am using the script that came with the product.  All the components install properly except for the MKL, which fails.  This makes the entire installation fail.  Is there something I need to do before the installation?  How can I get this to install properly?  Any help is appreciated!

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Sorry for a very generic response: You need to address that problem on MKL Forum. Thanks.

It seems unlikely that you would have a version of CentOS which differs that much from supported versions of RHEL.  You may get a warning which you must accept to indicate that support is on a secondary basis.  As Sergey said, you would do better to ask on the forum pertaining to the component which gave trouble and be more specific about the problem.

Even under RHEL, supposing you wished to install both 32-bit and 64-bit support, the method isn't fully documented, so it's important to say what you are trying to do.

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