Unable to install Parallel Studio in a clean Windows 8.1 + VS2012 and VS2013.

Unable to install Parallel Studio in a clean Windows 8.1 + VS2012 and VS2013.

Today I've been trying to install the Parallel Studio XE 2013 SP1 Update 1 in a clean Windows 8.1 machine, but there's an error message that appears almost at the end of the installation that prevents it from being fully installed.

The error seems to be related to the Visual C++ Runtime installation of the VTune Amplifier, it happens when running msvcrt_x64.msi inside "installs/perfhe/installs". Attached to this post there is a zip containing two logs, a detailed one of that MSI execution a CBS log the first one refers to.

The system I'm running is a Windows 8.1 Pro, and the steps to reproduce could be as follows: Install Windows, update through Windows Update, instal VS2012 Ultimate, Windows Update, install VS2012 Update 3, install VS2013 Ultimate and then try to install Parallel Studio (all but Fortran components and things for MIC).

What could be the problem? If the product relies on the C++ runtime, why not use Microsoft's installers for it instead?

Also, after the error there's some roll back of changes since the installation wasn't successful but there are components that were installed correctly and are not uninstalled. Shouldn't they be uninstalled too if an error arises throughout the installation of the software?

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Same thing happened in another machine, only this time there were around 20 additional programs installed.

And I still can't install it in my machine, is this the first report of this kind? Any workaround or thing I could try?

Later I will look at this error message.

Shane C., thank you for reporting the issue! We were able to identify the problem, our developers are working on implementing the fix.

It seems that error is related to SxS assembly.

Here some information in MS knowledge base: 



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