Welcome to the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK forum

Welcome to the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK forum

Welcome to the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK forum.   Our hope for this forum is to develop a vibrant community of developers sharing their ideas, solutions,  and challenges.   Intel engineers working on the Perceptual Computing SDK are actively monitoring this forum and are available to answer questions.  

In addition to this forum,  we’ve created some additional resources to help you ramp quickly;      

-          The Intel Perceptual Computing home page will contain the latest news and announcements: www.intel.com/software/perceptual,

-           The Intel Perceptual Computing SDK Product Brief  gives an overview of Intel’s new Perceptual Computing SDK

-          Getting Started using the Perceptual Computing SDK will help guide you through your first applications

-          Get started developing perceptual computing applications using Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera

-          Check out the most common questions in our FAQ for Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK

We encourage active participation on this forum and look forward to hearing from you.   Prior to posting however,  please consult that FAQ.  There’s a good chance that your question may have been already addressed.     When posting a new topic,   please be as descriptive as possible to help us quickly assess how best to help you.

We are extremely excited to work with everyone to craft the next generation of applications using the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK!   Thank you for your involvement.

The Intel Perceptual Computing Team  

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I am Antonis from www.mageca.com and i would like to contact with someone that is in charge of this project.
My email is anar@mageca.com
Thank you

i am new to this perceptual computing sdk.
i want start a project based on this,but i want to know what the difference between MICROSOFT KINECT and INTEL PERCEPTUAL COMPUTING technologies.
why should i choose intel technology over microsoft kinect technology?


I want to know is it essential to integrate Intel perceptual SDK with D Fusion Studio Development?How can i integrate D fusion studio with Intel Perceptual SDK?Is VS 2010 a good option?

Sorry to put this in an existing thread.

1. Intel perceptual computing page is not allowing me to login to my submission with facebook. It is giving Internal server error ( IE 9,10, FF, Chrome)

2. The forum is not showing any link to "New Topic"  or "New Thread" :( . I am unable to post a thread.

The problem seems to have been fixed. I can see "New Topic" now and also able to login.to challenge website through Facebook Thanks.

any update on using  Intel perceptual SDK with D Fusion Studio Development together? Will we have to use it together?

IS Perceptual Computing SDK compatible with Visual Studio 2012 (C# or VB.NET) , I am looking to make a Windows Store App using Perceptual Comuting SDK, so is it possible?


Hi Omar,

The SDK does not support WinRT API so Windows Store Apps are not possible at this point in time.



Omar. The Perceptual Computing SDK is not compatible with Windows Store apps.

Hii I want to capture video from a camera and then get the timestamp of the frames . i have seen samples for face detection using QueryFace() function we can get the timestamp . But here I am nt interested in face detection . I am doing a simple video capture and I want to get the timestamp of the frames . Please help ??

I would like to know, the properties of Intel storage manager and matrix manager prevents my exe application on loading, Why?

Can i develop in VS 2010 for Perceptual Computing SDK?

Prince - yes, you can use VS 2008, 2010, or 2012.

Prince - yes, you can use VS 2008, 2010, or 2012.

How can I search the forum posts?  Have looked around but do not seem to find this option.


Hi Richard,

Did you try the search box at the top right of this page?


Richard - the box in the upper right corner should find anything in this forum.

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