only c++? any other language in future?

only c++? any other language in future?

as title

only c++? any other language in future?

thanks in advance

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Join the question.
What about some JS Examples ?

if u installed the sdk
u can find most of the samples are in c++
but there are 2 c# samples, 1 processing, 1 unity, 1 openframework and 1 pxcupipeline(not sure what is this)

however i cannot test because i haven buy the camera yet
I hope there will be more c# samples in the future

C++ is basic level of Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK interface and run-time implementation. Intel also provides sample codes under [install-dir]\framework\ folder demonstrating how to wrap C++ interface to C Sharp and Java languages and integrate into frameworks such as Unity, Processing and openFrameworks. You can use these sample codes directly or modify to better match your requirements.

Is there any start up tutorial for C#, will samples work without creative camera but normal laptop or ultrabook webcam.

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