The Perceptual Challenge website

The Perceptual Challenge website

Hi all,

I discovered the Intel Perceptual Challenge website, but find that "Challenge" applies mostly to using the site itself instead of the actual contest.

Please consider this constructive user input, I don't mean it to sound like I am complaining about it. I'd have posted this somewhere else, but I don't know where else I can, as there are no contact listings on the site.


1. We are required to submit an image, but there is way to do this in the form. Also, there seems to be some content limitations that will stop the "save" button from working, but there are no messages to explain exactly what needs to be changed.

2. Also, it doesn't appear to save the Youtube URL or the URL below it.

3. It pretends to let me edit a submitted submission, but in the end won't save my updates. (I saw the warning of submit=fixed entry. Can I delete an old one if I revise it?)

4. Oh yes, and there's no way to recover a lost password.

Thanks for the contest and good luck to all!

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Hi Sean, I'll ask the dev team to take another look at the items you mentioned above and get back to you on this post. But I know that they are working to build the password recovery functionality asap. Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you very much, and thanks for the contest!



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