Voice Recognition Error: Failed to Initialize Stream

Voice Recognition Error: Failed to Initialize Stream

Hello. I am running SDK beta 2013 in windows 7 home premium x64 mode. However in my system none of the voice recognition samples are running. When I execute voice_recognition or voice_recognition.cs located in bin/x64 folder it shows Failed to initialize the stream. However I can find my device in device list and I am able to record through Camera kit's Mic. Also Audio recording sample works perfectly.

I have also tried to run them in elevated mode but result being the same. Is there any other settings that I might have missed?

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Hi Rupam,

Do you have Visual Studio or are you just running the exe files installed with the SDK? I just tried running the installed exe files and they work for me (64 and 32 bit). Do you see a Privacy Notification Tool alert pop up?


Have you installed the Nuance core? This is a required separate step for beta2.

In beta3, the installer will ask you to install Nuance.



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