Visual studio 2012

Visual studio 2012

I have been struggling with the tutorials at, not because they are too complicated for my simple mind but because I have to work with Visual Studio 2012. 

So far I've completed the MyFirstApp tutorial (Actualy took a couple of days.Makes me feel awful.)  and have been stuck on Gesture Recognition for while now. What I'm stuck on is adding the right SDK files to the project and setting the PATHs. I've been stuck on MyFirstApp because of the same reason but fixed it after checking some forums and making some wild guesses. Using the same properties as on MyFirstApp didn't help me getting GestureRecognition to work.

I really need help finding some more detailed tutorials or another enviroment, other than Visual Studio, even another language, other than C++, for me to move on with development in.

Someone told me to check out Cinder and OpenFramework. Anyone got tips on the matter?

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I've started using Processing but it fails to "initialize PXCUPipeline". So anything I try to use just tells me to go to hell.

Have a cup of tea or coffee and let's reenergize and troubleshoot. :)

Please try SDK beta3. There is a tool called sdk_info. I'd like you to save all information reported by the tool and send the result. This will help to diagnose.


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