Gesture Recognition though video

Gesture Recognition though video


I have recorded videos from gesture depthsense camera. I am looking How to give video as a input for gesture module? Is there any method to do so? because I dont have that camera still i need to process images from video. I need to extract images(frames) from the video. Please help me in this.

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I also need information about the video format. I mean, In which format the recorded video (from camera_viewer sample application provided by Intel Per-C SDK) will be recorded??

I have the same problem on audio parts. Have you got any clue now?

I have forwarded thos question to our development team and will be back to you soon.

Hi David,

I have seen a number of similar 'forwarded to developer' posts but not much seems to come back from the developers or is that just my misperception?


I think they are still working for those issues and I will be back to your guys when I get the answer from them. Thanks!

Please look at util_capture_file.cpp and you will find the file format and methods for recording and playback.

Check the gesture_viewer.cpp for the usage.

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