Problem with registering for the 1Mil challenge

Problem with registering for the 1Mil challenge

After type in all information, then press "Submit" and nothing happened

I have disabled pop-up blocker, etc

any1 facing similar problem?

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What kinds browser are you using? Could you provide more detail info? Thanks.

edit: I just discover several new things about this problem
it only happens when I choose "Korea" or choose "South" as the country
it did not happened when I choose "United States" "China" or "Taiwan"
How do I know? Because I try to create dummy accounts using different country (sorry about that =p)

(why there is a country name "South" ??? I guess it is typo of "South Korea", which lead to this bug)

I have tried latest firefox and chrome
the result is same

while the "submit" button has no respond
it somehow did register my email into the system
Because when I try to register new account with the same email, it says the email already been used
However, If I try to login with the email and password, it says wrong password

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