can we create app using xna?

can we create app using xna?

Can we create a game using intel perceptual sdk and xna? or it supports only unity 3d?

What template we need to use to create application?

Can someone point to some good jump start tutorial for C# developers. All documentation is useful for C++ developers?

What all apps we can create without creative camera?

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Using XNA is absolutely possible. Check out the (non-XNA) C# examples in C:\Program Files\Intel\PCSDK\framework\CSharp.

Just create a regular XNA project, add the dll reference and check the example C# code.

You can develop variety of Apps with gesture kit.

Like Augmented reality stuffs such as before buying a product you can visualize how it looks or just how does it fit you?

You can create a User Interface that can change the way we tend to see a design etc. Opportunities ar endless.

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