Integrating Unity and OpenNI

Integrating Unity and OpenNI

I am starting this topic so that people presnt their views on Integrating Intel Perceptual SDK,Unity and OpenNI.

Lets discuss on what are the ways we can work out a solution.

Currently I am working on building the Skeleton Structure for the Unity using Open NI libraries and reflecting the movement in a plane but unable to impart motion sensor to Skeleton stucture as soon as i get it done. I will post it .I am working with C # script in Unity.

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Currently working on Unity 3.5.6 and it seems the Intel Perceptual SDk 2013 is working perfect.I am working on a C # script as soon it is done I will upload it.The demo will include multi  touch for Ultrabook and the rendered 2d Texture image from live gestures on to multiple cubes.It is for sure the that Intel Perceptual SDK 2013 Beta is supportive with Unity 3.5.6 i have checked it.its the latest update..

Today I started my work on a script Touch Script and trying to modify it to use it with Intel Perceptual SDK.The only concern is when i am trying to come with an output for a particular Gesture only i am able to print a message.I am now trying to pass parameters in the IF condition so that i am able to get different methodical output.

Any update?


Hi Yosun The OpenNi and Unity SDk is not working together as it is unable to detect the Creative Gesture Camera and the Skeleton stucture is not pulling the output.On the other hand i was able to change colors of the Game objects by gesture movements and my application is not fully gesture oriented but it mixes touch and gestures together and the exe is running well in Windows 8 also.Currently i am updating some bit s and pieces and i will update the project and share the video as soon it is done.Thanks

are you able to get basic geonode normal vector for index finger (etc) - using the unity framework

No.It is very difficult to produce the results at times Unity freezes and i have to restart it.Only thing that i was able to do was work thumbs up and thumbs down gestures.The response is slow the output is not what you desire.

in SDK3, there is a glassballs example in the demo folder... It seems to be accessing geonode using numeric array instead of associative array. I am wondering if assoc array for geonodes is broken in the Unity frameworks implementation?

Yes that may be the case.What kind of prototype you are trying to build?


Can you share your system configuration details? There might be something there that is preventing you from getting you code working.

We are coming out with a new beta next week, so perhaps you can try that?

- Chuck

Thanks Chuck.Yes My System Information is:

Lenovo Z570 Intel Core i3 2nd generation with 6GB DDR3 and win 7 64 bit.The issue might be with the two different Motion Sensor SDKs one of OpenNi and other is the Zigfu(Kiinect fame) that is causing the issue. I am working on another Demo with Unity right now thats almost complete.It is working in Windows 8 and it uses both Touch Input of ULtrabook and 2D text rendering of Utilpipeline.I was also able to create a webcam access as a cube with the 2D texture so that you can touch and feel it.Currently i am working on using gestures to change colors of the Cube Game Object such as Thumbs Up Changes color to another form say blue and other colors.Its working partially as i created a label object of PXCM Gesture and put it in IF condition to test it and in the Inspector element I changed the default object value to Thumbs Up.Thanks I am working really hard to get the best out of this SDK and other 3rd party Utility.I have tested Intel Beta SDK till Unity 3.5.6 and it is working flawlessly.Unity 4 its not working but i am trying a way around to find a solution.I will keep on updating my progress. As soon my Protoype is uploaded i will try to publish an article how to extend Intel Beta SDK  with Unity.

any update?

Nothing as such trying to get a bounded solution but getting error unable to get the context.I will try again


Downloadimage/png error.png138.4 KB

Hi Yosun have you have got any updates On working with OpenNI?What did you submit for Intel Perceptual Challenge?

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