Contest Registration

Contest Registration

As many of the text fields lack labels what is supposed to be entered in the various areas in order to a click of Submit to actually

respond? I tried entering name, address and other useful information like submission / app name but not much seems to happen when I click submit

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Hello Peter,

are you referring to the survey from december that we talked about yesterday? If I remember right it had 5 fields. It seems the survey has been shut down in the meantime and the survey link forwards to the actual challenge now, where you can apply for a loaned device.


We are developers from Kazakhstan and we want to participate in Intel, Perceptual Computing Challenge. But in registration we doesn't found Kazakhstan(We filled this textbox as Russia). My questions - will Kazakhstan be included to this competition and how can we borrow your camera

Thank you

Looks like the website is not optimized to run on all browsers, especially on IE. Try using other browsers, the field names will appear and you'll be able to register.

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