Few Questions about submission

Few Questions about submission

I have few questions and would be happy if anybody from Intel associated with Perceptual Computing Challenge can answer it!

1. Is there any limit of number of entries that I could submit? I have submitted three entries so far. Are the prizes given to par contestant or par submission? Should each entry be submitted through different accounts of my team mates or is it fine to submit all the entries through a single ID?

2. Can we update our dropbox folder after submission? In all my entries I had submitted the source code folder with executable. But I feel making an installer is also important. People can just download the installer and try the demo when they will be made public. My question is : is it allowed to make changes in dropbox folder after submit button is clicked? I also want to add the installers.

I would  really appriciate the answer.

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I have fowarded this question and will be back to you soon. Thanks, David

Yes,  you can submit as many entries as you want.   The prizes are given per winning entry.   It is fine to submit multiple entries on a single ID.  We will have to get back to you on your second question once we consult with our contest dev team.  Thanks.


Here's the answer to your second question.   Yes,  you can either edit your files in Dropbox or submit another entry before February 20th.    Keep in mind the following statement in the contest rules:

" Create a prototype that demonstrates at least some elements of the proposed App using the SDK. It is not intended that the prototype must have the full functionality of the proposed App. ... Entrants will be required to submit ... a software package or archive including executable and supporting files /data to run with the SDK as well as a file describing how to install and run the prototype."

Good luck!


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