Using the device without the SDK

Using the device without the SDK

Provided that I cannot use the SDK (the OS is Ubuntu Linux), is there any documentation which will help me sift through the raw USB input stream? All I need is input from the depth sensor. I figured I could just use Microsoft's Kinect like I always have (since the raw input data is straightforward), but I am rather excited to test out this new technology! It seems to be much more accurate at close range, which is exactly what I need for all of my hobbist projects. I just wanted to ask before I buy the camera. Thanks!

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SoftKinetic (whose technology is behind the PerC camera) has a similar short-range depth camera you can buy (the DS325) which has a Linux driver available.  Check out for more details, and do a search on YouTube to find a video I did comparing the DS325 to the Kinect.

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