Crash with integrated camera

Crash with integrated camera

Is the SDK (or at least the parts that do not need a depth camera) supposed to work with any camera ?

I tried to execute each sample on my Lenovo X1 Ultrabook, with the integrated camera. The samples that need the depth camera returned with an error as expected ("Failed to initialize video streams"). But the others, the face detector for example, crashed as soon as it try to acquire a frame. With the debugger, I see that the initialization step runs properly and return no error and the crash occurs during the frame acquisition, in libpxccore.dll.

The same program on my other laptop runs well...

I can send a crash dump and all information you need.


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Please send your camera info. It will be good if you can find more information about your camera such as what color formats it supports and resolutions/frame rates.


Not easy to get useful info, but here is what I can grab from Windows:

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
Camera Manufacturer: Chicony
Driver Provider: SunplusIT
Driver Date: 27-Jul-12
Driver version:
Hardware Ids: VID 04F2 - PID B315 - REV 3622

I don't know how to get stream info. The camera info from the SDK shows "No Camera Detected".
If you know a way to do it, please let me know.


I've been able to grab more information with Capture Viewer from Beta 3.

Color Formats:

  • RGB24,
  • YUY2

Resolution/frame rate

  • 640x480, 30-15 fps
  • 320x240, 30-15 fps
  • 352x288, 30-15 fps
  • 424x240, 30-15 fps
  • 640x360, 30-15fps
  • 800x448, 15fps
  • 960x540, 15fps
  • 1280x720, 10fps

Frames are successfully captured with YUY2, but the application crashes when trying to capture RGB24 frames.



The SDK is only validated to work with the Creative camera to date.

- Chuck

Will it be fixed in the final release ? I think it is important for Intel that this SDK works (at least the basic algorithms which don't need depth) on any Ultrabook without crashing...


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