Getting raw depth data

Getting raw depth data

Hi, if I wanted to simply record the depth data from the camera without any of the gesture processing, how would I go about doing that. Is PXCImage the class I should be focusing on? I don't know if that contains the data or if it contains a visualization of the data in RBG values. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Do you have a test case where it is failing? That would better help us to reproduce on our end.

- Chuck

Maybe I should refine my question because I am still not able to sort through the large amount of documentation present. I am just trying to continuously get depth data and store it as a PNG file for each frame. How can I do this using the SDK? I am not understand where in the camera_viewer sample the application actually has access to this data, and in which variable. I am also, not understanding what the scheme is in the sdk to access this information.

Also, is there any utility already provided to save the data as a PNG file? 

Hi Pavleen,

I would suggest you work through the Camera_uvmap sample and the documentation as a good starting point.



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