Gesture Viewer 32-bit 1 fps bug

Gesture Viewer 32-bit 1 fps bug

I'd like to report that the 32-bit version of the normal gesture viewer "gesture_viewer.exe" is extremely slow, something like 1 fps or 0.5 fps. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit.

The other versions are working. Here is a report of what different exe files are doing:

win32\gesture_viewer.exe - ~ 0.5 - 1  fps performance. I mean 1-2 second per image.
win32\gesture_viewer_simple.exe - full speed, ok
x64\gesture_viewer.exe - full speed, ok
x64\gesture_viewer_simple.exe - full speed, ok

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Thanks, we will investigate and give back to you soon.

Gesture module first filters the input depth data and then does gesture and finger tracking.

If the input depth data has  a lot of noise, the gesture module may spend longer time to filter the depth data. This may be caused by your camera.

Normally, when we test with good camera in the lab, we can get full fps.

Hi Zsolt,

Can you try to recompile gesture_viewer.exe for 32bit Release using solution from samples folder? We have seen this rare issue on some PCs. Sometimes it helps.

Please let us know if it didn't help.

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