Perpetual Computing SDK and Unity

Perpetual Computing SDK and Unity

I was able to successfully run the demo app of the SDK with unity 3d. I want to use gesture as an event handler (same as the mouse) to use it with unity platform. Can anyone guide me with this, or provide me a couple of suggested readings ?



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Great question, I was personally trying to figure out the same thing.  I'll see if I can find someone who can answer


Intel does not support Unity officially. Do you have an example code snippet of the gesture handler you are having problems with? Someone in the community may be able to help you.

- Chuck

The best way right now is to declare PXCMGesture as an object with an public accesss modifier and when Querying pass on a condition that with gestures do this and that.For example if you use an IF condition and meeting the criteria say you want to make a game object invisible then pass on material.renderer=false;  you can also acess other scripts in C sharp if you declare an Object Public.

Thanks for the reply Abhishek. I was looking at your work for binding openNI and unity with the Gesture Cam. What has been the progrss so far. Can I join in for some external nits and grits.

Abhishek I'm going to have to try that.  Would love to see an article or blog post on this approach :-)

I second that. Love to see a blog post on that.

Thanks Bob...I will do that...

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