gesture computing query

gesture computing query

Hi Guys,

If we create a simple application which trap user gestures and work accordingly. We need to inherit UtilMPipeline class and override proper methods and call this UtilMPipeline.LoopFrames() method. LoopFrames is an infinite loop which will trap user gesture and we can raise our events appropriately.

I tried this in my windows application. Application starts and further start this gesture tracing in different thread which causing a run time error.

here is my question regarding assembly loading error. 

Can anyone help me resolving this issue.


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Actually accessing Gesture input is bit different in Unity where in you have to initialize the pipeline Query the required perimeter.Suppose you have initialized a pipeline pp.Then you Query the Gesture Input as pp.QueryGesture.Initialize a public label object and then put it in a loop such as If else Loop.The app lifecycle for a Unity CS file is bit different.

any solution for above problem...why this loop method not starting in other thread. If it would not, then I will not be able to access UI and its will freeze. Is there any other alternative way or interface instead of class to inherit.

Thanks for your help

Using LoopFrame is optional. It's simply an infinite loop calling AcquireFrame and ReleaseFrame. If this does not fit your needs, you can call calling AcquireFrame and ReleaseFrame directly and any Query functions in between. See the C++ depth_smoothing sample. Although it is a C++ sample, the concept is exactly the same.



Great, thanks for suggestions. But have you tried initiating multiple threads in your applicaiton where one thread will keep on quering AcquireFrame and ReleaseFrame? I was getting error when I tried initiating a different thread for Looping Frame method from a different class.

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