Processing framework and SetDeviceProperty

Processing framework and SetDeviceProperty

Is SetDeviceProperty functional?

I tried it with a few params, but everytime it returns false. Maybe I'm doing it wrong - there are no samples and documentation.

I'm calling it in the setup()

boolean ret_val = false; float[] val1_res = new float[1]; float[] val1 = new float[1]; val1_res[0] = 10.0; ret_val = pp.SetDeviceProperty(PXCMCapture.Device.PROPERTY_COLOR_SHARPNESS, val1_res); pp.QueryDeviceProperty(PXCMCapture.Device.PROPERTY_COLOR_SHARPNESS, val1); print("ret_val: " + ret_val + " _ val1: " + val1[0]);


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I will ask my colleague and be back to you as soon as I get the answer.

please see sdkmanual-framework.pdf for the documentation.

boolean SetDeviceProperty(int pty, float[] data);

The first parameter is the property value, the floating array contains data to set for pty, pty+1, pty+2, ....


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