Two depth streams shown in capture_viewer?

Two depth streams shown in capture_viewer?

capture_viewer shows two identical depth streams from 325V2, see image attached. Does everybody else get two, also? The depth stream display by camera_viewer frequently freezes for like 10 seconds and then gets going again. I'm trying to figure out why and the double depth stream caught my attention.

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BTW, we have gone through each version of the SDK (having acquired the camera on the first day available). But only in Beta 3 did we notice the weird pause in the depth stream.

Hi Per,

Are you using SoftKinetic DepthSense Camera?

Can you try Creative GestureCam on same system?



Hi Konstantin: we have always used the Creative camera (probably the first batch that reached the developers), not the DepthSense camera.

Per, I also get two depth streams in capture_viewer, but I don't face with stream freezing.

Nikolay, thanks for sharing. Any official comment from Intel? Does anybody else have the depth stream freezing problem?

Yes, I also faced the issue but  its okay now. I will recheck and update.

Some more info. Now capture_viewer does not report a depth stream at all (see attached screenshot), but camera_viewer still views the color AND depth streams just fine--except the depth stream freezes sometimes.


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Oh, hit submit too quickly. Although camera_viewer can display the color and depth stream, at startup there's an exception every time. This didn't prevent camera_viewer from running, but could it be related to the freeze?

First-chance exception at 0x758a4b32 in camera_viewer.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: DepthSense::Utils::UIOException at memory location 0x0018d904..

You're missing the DepthSense device part of the camera in your device list.  I've attached a screenshot of what I see.



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The capture module exposes two depth streams so that different modules (that use depth and vertices) can be in the same data streaming network. This is by design.


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