Uploading the protype to GITHUB

Uploading the protype to GITHUB

I want to know that if i want my protype to upload in GITHUB  should it be available as Open Source?Can I upload detailed analysis of project with the protype such as *.doc files and the source codes at GITHUB?What are the process i need to follow to upload the protype at GITHUB(i am very new to it)?

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In general, people who provide their work or prototypes on github do that under a certain common open source license, it can either be creative commons , MIT General Public License or GNU GPL, each one of them have their own pros and cons. If you want everyone to benifit from the hard work you have put, a good documentation will add up to your respect in the open source community. ( A getting started guide would be even more helpful). As for the uploading thing you are concerned about, a simple repository with a readme file would serve the purposes of everyone.

Okay I will have to  do it.Can i upload exe and doc files? because i am unable to do that right now. I will try it again.

If you haven't found a host yet for the executable file, I would reccomend you to go for sourceforge, its one of the best ways to host you prototype. And as far as a doucmentation is concerned, I would suggest something uneditable, pdf for example, so that accidental ammendments to the document might not happen.

Ok i will check it.Meanwhile how is your progress what are you upto?what kind of prototype you are making?

are you there in Twitter? we can chalk out other ways for future collaborating and sharing  for Future projects.We can work as a team for future projects.Intel Perceptual SDK has very good scope.

I am almost done with my game basics, but I am still unable to add the input from the PXCMGesture. I was going for OpenNI but there was too little time to go through everything. And definitely, we can work together sometime, meanwhile, here is my twitter id: @yogeshkumar1805. Let me know if you require anyone to work with.

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