Switch from Command and Control to Dictation?

Switch from Command and Control to Dictation?

Currently I am trying to do a voice command to retrieve a movie rating in c++. For example, "What is the movie rating for The Dark Knight Rises".

Seeing that it isnt possible to combine command and dictation.. I would need to set it up this way.. correct?

"I need movie ratings" (Command Mode listens for "need movie ratings")

(Function then switches to dictation mode), Program asks "What movie would you like ratings for?"

Now I would speak "The Dark Knight Rises"

then the program would go on to retreive and tell me the rating. 

How would I be able to do the switch from Command Mode to Dictation? I know it somehow can be triggered with SetGrammer(0) but how do i set that up?

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SetGrammar(0) should switch from command-and-control to dictation mode.

Does it work for you?

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