My Demo_for_Intel_Perceptual_Challenge

My Demo_for_Intel_Perceptual_Challenge

This is the demo of the protype that i am working on. It uses Intel Perceptual SDK (beta 2) and Unity 3.5.6.This demo uses thumbs up gesture to change color.Casts your streamed video by Creative gesture camera in the 2d Cube.As well as touch and tap to change colors.Plus it uses 2D Text rendering to show the streamed view of the Creative Gesture camera Capture.

Downloadvideo/mp4 mov00671-x264.mp430.3 MB
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Thanks David!!  how is your work going on?

Hi Abhishek,

Not too bad but not where I wanted to be due to other work commitments.  Why does everything always pick up at the same time....


Hi Shyam i have mentioned the details in your post you can check it.

Ya David but i know you from a little while the way you contribute in IDZ i guess you are building a great prototype.

@Shyam Is your issue resolved?

yes thanks abhishek, I finally resolved issue. I have just two days to finish my app. Can you please write in this post what to do what all to submit once we finish our prototype.


You need to make an exe keep it in GITHUB ,make an account at submit images of the prototype,Fill the details of yuour entry at the Perceptual Computing website follow the steps and submit it(You tube videoo to be uploaded).After submitting you can add additional functionality and finish the app

The app just have to be a prototype. Which can be little bugy...Dont have to be fully functional.

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