Question about the competition (2nd phase)

Question about the competition (2nd phase)

If I did not submit any entry into the first phase, would I still eligible to enter the second phase?

It is because of bad timing.

Also, any more information about the second phase?

Is it similar to first phase? Or only entries from the first phase will being carry forward to the second phase?

But it seems like not much entries in the first phase anyway

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The best thing you can do is make a prototype now and update and in the 2nd phase you modify and update  it.It will help you.

Yes,  everybody is free to join the second phase of the contest.   Even if you didn't participate in Phase 1 of the Challenge.

At this time we're not ready to reveal the details of Phase 2.   But as Abhishek says,  you can start now with the SDK and your prototype ideas.   You can polish it further for the second phase.

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