Must we supply source code as well as binary?

Must we supply source code as well as binary?

In the submission process, it asks us to "Upload your Code" to Github or Dropbox... The official rules never indicated that source code was a requirement. Will a binary compiled version be sufficient or does Intel really want all of the code and source materials along with it? Also, must it be on one of those two services or could it be supplied through another host?

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You don't need to provide the source code.   You only need to submit the executable so judges can evaluate your prototype.  Here's the verbiage from the contest rules:

Entrants will be required to  submit  to  Sponsor  a  software  package  or  archive  including  executable  and
supporting files /data to run with the SDK as well as a file describing how to install and
run the prototype. 

But please submit the the file on the two services that were mentioned.   Good luck!  

Thank you.

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