Question about "Robotics with Perceptual Computing"

Question about "Robotics with Perceptual Computing"

Hello. I have designed a model robot arm successfully that has 5 joins like human bone with pick place, jaw and every hand operation. This is working great with perceptual computing. Now my question is, if I submit this robotics project in the contest, do I have to ship the robot to Intel, USA?  Or I have to forget that as a submission?

The funny thing is, when I am placing the robo arm in front of the camera and controlling it rmotely, the camera is detecting it's arm movement nicely :)

This is a sample video where we tried to hook a syringe with it ( Sort of Biosy sample collection ).

I would appriciate a response from Intel team in time  as I am left with less than week's time.

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I will let someone answer your question today. Sorry we missed your question.

Hi.  The judges are going to be looking at the software prototype so it's not practical to create a demo using a physical robot.   If you can somehow demonstrate your demo on your .exe submission then it will be possible to judge your creativity.  Of course, you can always show the physical robot on the YouTube video.  Good luck.  

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