Perceptual Computing Contest Entry - Full Source Required for Prototype?

Perceptual Computing Contest Entry - Full Source Required for Prototype?

Are we required to provide the full source for the prototype or just a binary?

In the case of full source, I am not sure how this would work with Unity, where one uses many items from the Asset Store that don't allow for re-distribution as source.

Submissions link is either dropbox or github. Github does not allow for individual binary file downloads, and thus you must clone the entire repo.

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Source code is not required.  Just submit the .exe that will enable the judges to evaluate your prototype.  Good luck!

Are the judges aware of the beta bugs of the SDK? Do we have to include troubleshooting directions in case it is due to a SDK bug?


For example, Unity framework deployments: voice recognition appears broken if you don't restart the cam from scratch each time (disconnect, wait for the OS to recognize, re-connect, wait for the OS to recognize)

There appears no way to poll the SDK API to find out if Voice Recognition is working or not - even if you set themode bit flip to include voice rec, it is still subject to the bug above

For Contest 1 / Phase 1 all of the judges are technical and are users of the Perceptual Computing SDK,  so they should aware of the limitations.

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