Is my camera busted?

Is my camera busted?

This is what my skelton viewer and blog viewer looks like all of a sudden.

All movements in the sample games are shaky now too.

I'm having a hard time getting any data from the camera reliably.

is my camera busted? how can I fix this?

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How about the RGB picture? If this also has same problem, we can replace the camera for you. Thanks!

My RGB seems to be fine but it is grainy with alot of lines.

When I originally received the camera, things worked ok. But either after updating to beta 3 or plugging the camera in to a windows 8 pc and then back into my windows 7 workstation, something changed. 

Try to work under office light condition and see if there is any different. If still have this issue, We will help you to get a new one. Thanks!

Hi David,

it's not changing anythign in different lighting. I would like a new one if possible.

We will replace it for you. I will ask my colleague how you can replace it. Thanks!

Have you checked all the demos of Intel perceptual SDK?how is it behaving?

I'm having the exact same issue.
I've attached a screenshot.

Initially everything was working fine. At a certain point the depthsensor stopped working correctly. 


Downloadimage/png screen2.png99.31 KB

Does the camera work fine on another system?

No, my camera doesn't work right on other systems. I tried it on 3 systems.

Is it possible to return it for a new one?

It does not work on other systems.

I have contacted Intel a few weeks about this, but did not get any response yet.
I also contacted Softkinetic. They confirmed that this is a hardware issue, related to the sensor ball.

I have ordered a new camera because I urgently need it, but it would be nice to get some kind of response from Intel.

We will replace your camera. I will send separate email to your guys. Thanks!

Got your email. Thanks a lot for the follow-up!

I have the same problem, can I request for replacement?

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