Limitations in modes active in Unity framework

Limitations in modes active in Unity framework

Are there any limitations in how many modes you can bit-OR on the Unity framework? What if you bit-or all the modes, since you are using basically all of them each frame acquire?


 private PXCUPipeline.Mode  mode=PXCUPipeline.Mode.GESTURE | PXCUPipeline.Mode.VOICE_RECOGNITION | PXCUPipeline.Mode.FACE_LOCATION | PXCUPipeline.Mode.FACE_LANDMARK | PXCUPipeline.Mode.COLOR_VGA | PXCUPipeline.Mode.DEPTH_QVGA;

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I have forwarded your question to the developer and I will be back to you as soon as I get the answer.

Well, of course some of them are in conflict, such as COLOR_VGA and COLOR_QVGA. The modules require certain color formats and resolutions. If there is no conflict, then you can OR them together.

I wouldn't recommend OR too many together though.


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