FaceDetect viewAngle always returns 0 on Unity

FaceDetect viewAngle always returns 0 on Unity

I had thought ViewAngle might return either the face angle or a enum of face-directions... but it only returns 0 in Unity?

I have enabled  PXCUPipeline.Mode.FACE_LOCATION  in mode



  int face; ulong timestamp;   

if(pp.QueryFaceID(0,out face,out timestamp)){    

PXCMFaceAnalysis.Detection.Data datafacedetect;   

 if(pp.QueryFaceLocationData(face,out datafacedetect)){    

 faceConfidence = datafacedetect.confidence;    
 faceViewAngle = datafacedetect.viewAngle;     print(faceViewAngle); /// always returns 0
 faceRectCenter = new Vector2(datafacedetect.rectangle.x,datafacedetect.rectangle.y);  


}   }

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I have forwarded your question to the developer and I will be back to you as soon as I get the answer.

Good day,

I am currently also having this problem, in C++ Visual Studio, and I was wondering if this was ever answered, or if anybody also had this problem and had a fix.

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