Can not able to submit challenge entry - issue with website

Can not able to submit challenge entry - issue with website

Hi All,

I am trying to submit my entry from yesterdays onwards on intel website :

But I guess their is some issue with the website submission. Its stucking on last page and I am not able to submit entry.

I am attaching snap shot with issue here.

I have tried with all browsers, loged out and loged in again etc refresh etc. Nothing working.

Is there any other way to submit entry what we do on last page.

What should I do now? Just two days left in challenge.

Downloadimage/png issue.png378.03 KB
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Did you give it a try using Google chrome?I guess you will be able to update it.Please clean the cookies and check

Avoid using iE9 for the contest website. Also, Firefox (with certain plugins?) also breaks the contest website.

It seems the site is only usable on Chrome?

It is kind of ironic for a design constraint on Windows, given that IE10 is the only browser that shows things right via retina resolution on macbook on bootcamp

Hi Shyam were you able to update your Demo?As Yosun said try with Google Chrome.

Hi Abhishek its working with any browser, I could not able to upload my prototype detials. I mailed to rebacca she said that website issue is fixed. But still same issue exits.

Ok Then wait and give it a try today as the there is 2 days left to submit the prototype

Shyam, we have let the agency contact with you. Have you resolved this issue?

No David its not working. Thanks for help. Anyhow I mailed game agency they said just they resolved issue but its not.

They also said incase if I am not able to submit entry, I sould just mail them details and they will update my entry in competition.

I have sent email to you, please check it. Thanks! David

Thanks David for help. I was seeking this help from intel 3 days back.

I will try to update my entry form website, if not submitted then I will forward you and game agency guys complete details of my entry.

Please get is through in competition.

guys its up and running again. Website issue got fixed.

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