7 Perceptual Computing Projects Documented Over 7 Weeks

7 Perceptual Computing Projects Documented Over 7 Weeks

Intel just launched the next Ultimate Coder Challenge. This is focused on Perceptual Computing. Ultimate Coder puts developers in sort of a 7 week long hackathon, where they build a project around an Intel technology and platform.  They post about their work every week on IDZ.  There are amazing projects from high end professional studios to indie developers.  

Projects include a puppet platform app, virtual clay scupting app, photo editing app and inventive games

I highly suggest you follow their work and engage in their posts to find out how they are getting things done.

Links to follow the action

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@Bob:Will definitely follow it.Thanks for the Information

Those projects sound great, will be following. QUESTION: What happened to the page with all of the blog entries and judge remarks for Ultimate Coder Challenge 1?  it used to be available at: http://software.intel.com/sites/campaigns/ultimatecoder/ but now that side just redirects to the new one. I only followed one entrant last time but would like to read what others had submitted.

While the current challenge is running we've redirected that URL to the new contest as it comes up in search for "Ultimate Coder".  Note those articles were published off IDZ on the Challengers own blog sites.  If you search Google for "Ultimate Coder" and any of these names you will find their blogs

  • Lee Bamber
  • Blue Innovations
  • Bio IQ
  • John Bergquist or Soma Games
  • Althea or Shufflr
  • Andreas Breitschopp

Nice to see Quel Solaar working on the clay modeling problem (one of my quick hack entries for the Perceptual Challenge). I wonder how he will handle the thing with the lack of tactile feedback.

Seems like not only me worked on clay modelling tool ). It's interesting to check  Quel Solaar's results

See what Lee is working on for real time 3D modeing http://m.lockerz.com/s/284799177 He should have a video on his post Monday

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