Not able to submit the entry for contest

Not able to submit the entry for contest

Hi, after all the hardwork and sleepless nights, now I am not able to submit by entry in the contest website here:

Nothing is happening if Save or Submit buttons are pressed :( I tried in all browsers IE, Firefox, Chrome and in Safari.

Everything is ready in my end, like youtube video, source code in dropbox, screenshots, descriptions, use cases, etc..

Only hardly 5 hours are more to submit. Please help what should I do to submit now???? It's really frustrating at this last minute...

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Don't lose hope:)  Please send an email to describing your submission issue.   They're on standby to help you in getting your submission completed.  Good luck!

Thanks for the prompt support from your team!! I have submitted succesfully now :) thanks again...!

A major missing element in the submissions system is a "review your submissions" page that basically spits back what is received on the server, all on one page in a read-only fashion. It's simple to add, so I'm not sure why they skipped it -- and it's (imo) crucial for any sort of client-server interaction on a browser submitting data. (None of this is new stuff. There are actually best practices for designing web forms already. It's 2013.)

Once you submitted your entry, you should then be able to see what you submitted, again, in a read-only fashion.


I found out Tuesday that the quick-hack entry I submitted for the Sunday deadline had the serverside cut off text randomly, even in fields that were not supposed to have word limits. This was on the latest stable Chrome for Win 8. (The submissions system frontend was doing all kinds of weird ghost caching issues with IE10.) 

I ended up submitting my three best entries near the last two hours. I think they were asleep/off duty by then. Can't even check if everything went through or if silly-putty copy-pasting put in the wrong URL's. :-\


Yeah, the submission page was not user friendly. They should have included a preview page before submission. They might have ignored the preview page because they want to include everything within that popup window - first of all, a poup window to get every input for such critical contest submission was not an intuitive design. Because of the popup design, the forms contained fewer/combined textboxes intead of separate textboxes for each field. The design was appealing but not user friendly. Above all, the save/submit buttons were responsive only sometimes, not everytime.

The registration page is also buggy
I cant even register correctly because my current country is South Korea
While there are two dummy countries "South" and "Korea" on the list, both of them do nothing when pressed

Really no chance to know where our entries were saved corectly on server or not ,Even the share link was broken .I had executable in  zip file .Even as I had clearly mentioned all in readme and all of my entries were submittd before feb 20th  , I am not sure about any one of them .

Now  only  we can check our git hub and and hope for  seeing a pull request .

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