Request for a Webcast for the contest entries.

Request for a Webcast for the contest entries.

Dear Perceptual Computing Team, thank you for such a wonderful contest which was great fun participating. Now as the contest for first phase is over, I want to give you some suggestions.

Please webcast the contest entries. Say a simple HTML page that lists the entries, their description, image and video if Intel does not want to distribute the executable yet. 

Perceptual Computing SDK is in beta phase. So I am sure the objective of running such a contest is to obtain as much use cases as possible to input that to dev team. Developers who have participated in the contest have done remarkable work and I am sure nobody can work this hard for only money. We all want to show the world "Look Minority Report movie is just basic animation. Look what it look like." Exposure and viewing every other's work gives us knowledge.

I would not want to invest my time on something that may or may not give me some monitory reward if I do not forsee a good ecosystem for that.  Building a Portal hardly takes an hour. Please build one and let the world see our work. We also get to know the use cases, then we can improve.

If I had database schema, I would have built a portal with drupal in 10 minutues and webcasted it. Why not Intel?


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Hi Rupam,

Did u use Unity on any of the applications you built?I went through your entries those are good specially Biopsy Robot

Hi Abhishek, thanks for your comment. I did not submit my robotic entries as suggested by the team that they will be difficult to evaluate. I am a hardcore C# guy and not really a game developer or not really someone who loves gaming. I used wpf and windows forms. And for my gaming etries, they were all in xna.

Yes, we are planning to create a site or portal where we can showcase selected entries (beyond just the winners) so that people can view the videos and play with the demos.  Stay tuned ...

I'll write up a post about my entries as well, with links to videos and downloads of binaries. Haven't had time yet. Busy week

Hello Joel,

Its great to know that you will be putting up a portal to showcase our entries. 

I have wrapped my app in an installer so that it is easy for people to get the demo running. Is there any link to the portal where I can upload the installer? Or should I just upload it to my DropBox account and post a link?

Please do let me know, as it would be nice if others could try my app and provide feedback.

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