3 professional teams discuss SDK

3 professional teams discuss SDK

Interesting feedback from 3 of the Ultimate Coder teams, and some thoughts at the end on how to do head tracking with depth camera

I work with these guys, and I know they'd enjoy feedback and questions on their approaches and work. What do you think of their thoughts

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That's just mocking my inability to get onto the Hangout Bob.

I like to think we are building up to you Peter.  You Eskil, and Sixense for Week 4 right.:-)
FYI I see the metrics. Your posts are favored in terms of views, so I'm not buying the whole dark horse underdog thing.;-) 

I can do week 4. Of course, metrics can lie - I might just be hitting refresh lots of times.:-)

Did you post the right video? This one doesn't seem to have any insights on head tracking... Just opinions on how they don't have problems yet, surprised at data from depth cam access, etc... Same things anyone who's using this would encounter already. 

Is pupil tracking possible from the perC focal length? Have you guys heard of http://www.tobii.com/

They discussed approaches.  There is a fuller version of the discussion on my YouTube channel. 

Can you indicate the times on the video when the discussion occurs?

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