(Unsupported) HTML5 component demo for Perceptual Computing

(Unsupported) HTML5 component demo for Perceptual Computing

One of our engineers from Russia, developed a cross-browser component which will exposes some of the SDK APIs to javascript. Looks like you can use it in any browser. Dmitry has tested in Opera, Chrome, IE.  Here is a short video on how it works: http://bit.ly/14QLZpM

Note this is not an Intel supported solution and not from the product team, but from an enthusiast who happens to work at Intel. So I don't have authority to distribute broadly without further review.  However I thought it would be good to show you what is possible if you color outside the lines.

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That is neat!



I hope this will be escalated to hi level management in Intel. So, we can develop with appMobi XDK + PerC SDK to create interactive win8 apps.

Hello, could you post the code you used to do this? Thanks!

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