Camera frame rate

Camera frame rate

Is there a plan to supports 60fps in the future? Based on evaluation, my customer is feeling the 30fps is not first enough to detect object. In anorther word, the end-user have to pay attention at gesture with 30fps and 60fps should be required for great user experience. Please advice.

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Currently only the creative camera is supported. Intel hopes to extend this support in the future.

Note that the camera natively is capable of 60fps for the 3D stream, 30 fps for the 2D stream, so I assume you are asking about the 2D stream?

Would you please advice how to activate 3D stream?  I see "Dipth 320x240 60-60fps" inside "capture_viewer.exe/DepthSense 325 Audio/Video Capture/DepthSense Device 325V2/Depth Stream", is this a parameter for 3D stream activation? Please advice.

Intel will need to answer this since I am familiar with the hardware and don't program with the SDK myself, but note that both the depth camera and the hand-tracking middleware provided by SoftKinetic for the PerC program goes 60fps (see attached).


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You will have to use the PXCCapture interface directly to get the 60fps stream. The general procedure is as follows:

(1) Create a capture module instance.

(2) Create the device.

(3) Enumarate and find the depth stream with 60fps and the desired resolution. Create the depth stream.

(4) Read data from the depth stream.

Unfortunately, we don't have a direct sample for you expect the capture_viewer sample.




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