custom gesture in C#

custom gesture in C#

Hi All,

I am writing an application using C#, can anyone shed some information on

How we can create our custom gesture apart from those given in sdk? Gesture can include pinch etc

Thanks in Advance

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Track hand/ Finger's location

store  location of each of these data from every frame in a vector

at each frame claculate dv/dt based on vector differential . Map them to valid gestures. You have to create your own event handler. See this video of mine where I have implemented a zoom and rotate gesture with two hands. You can create it with fingers/ single hand or whatever.

cool thank for reply. This what something I was hoping to create. Can you provide some code help?

I have a question here, will I be able to achevie this using Intel sdk 2.0 or I need to update and try using skd 3.0.


Since it is activly being worked on and updated I would go with the latest.

- Chuck

I absolutely second with Chuck De Sylva. As a developer you must quickly get into new versions of Beta releases. New release will always be coming with some fixes of last release. However there is no drastic change in beta 3. Migration is smooth. So you would definately want to leverage the advantage of new features. 

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