Changes in Processing* Framework support

Changes in Processing* Framework support

In SDK beta3, there are API changes in the Processing* framework support. As we continuously evolve the SDK features and understand the developer needs, there might be additional changes. The SDK binary compatibility is maintained at the C++ libraries level.  For Processing, Unity*, and C# applications, the developers should package their applications with all the supporting libraries to maintain compatibility, as described in the SDK Developer Guide at

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Are there any specific tutorials for processing framework? I am looking forward to use it with Intel SDK to experiment.Thanks

Please see the product documentation under manuals. For Processing documentation, please see



i am trying to setup processing in my Win 8 os.I guess Processing 2.0 is not supported for Win 8 as of now.Is it so?

I do not know if Processing 2.0 support for Win8 or not. Please check Processing website. As I know, the latest Prcoessing did support Win8.

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