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C# Support

The C# support for AcquireAccess returns a PXCMImage.ImageData structure that has a "buffer.planes" variable.  These planes are actually 3 images - confidence, depth, and UVMap.  But how does one access them, specifically UVMap?  The type for each of the "planes" is PXCMArray<void *, 8, 4> but I cannot figure out how to get access to this or what that means.  What am I missing?  Just one example would really help here.  Or are the C# users never to expect to use the UVMap directly?

Bob Davies

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Please see the QueryImage example in pxcmimage.cpp for an example. The C# wrapper is a simple port of the C++ interfaces to C#. Any pointers are really the pointers to the unmanaged memory. The C# application must use marshal copy to copy the data from unmanaged memory to managed arrays.

Admit that the C# wrapper isn't in a complete form to access uvmap or confidence data. We will add additional functions to make accessing those easier.


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