Some question about Perceptual Computing SDK

Some question about Perceptual Computing SDK

Hello, I have three question about Perceptual Computing SDK:

1. Does voice recognition need Dragon assistant always running?

2. Does the newest Perceptual Computing SDK support Windows 8 Metro?

3. Can a Windows 8 Metro app communicate with the Dragon assistant? How?

Thanks a lot!

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1. You mean Dragon-assistant application or internal service? Application not needed.

2. Windows 8 Metro (Windows Store apps) currently not supported.

1. Does it need the Dragon-assistant internal service always running in the background?

2. Will the SDK support Windows 8 Metro (Windows Store apps) in the future?

Sdk currently do not support windows 8. But it's samples are now updated to visual studio 2012.

I guess PerC uses Dragon-assistant as their internal service.

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