How To's Questions

How To's Questions

Hello, I've been reading PerC sdk's documentation and it's tutorials and there's something I don't understand in "3 - Image Capture How To.Pdf".

When it does 

PXCCapture::VideoStream::DataDesc request;
memset(&request, 0, sizeof(request));

What's the memset() function doing? I've seen this in the core manual also.

Besides I was wondering if there's any documentation you can have inside de IDE (as javadoc for java libraries), so you don't have to be looking through the pdf manuals.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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memset is a standard C function that fills a block of memory with the value specified in the second parameter (0 in this case).

There is easy-to-navigate documentation online

and offline if install latest SDK


Thanks to both of you for your answers! =)


It is just clearing all the fields in the request prior to submission. When the request is allocated it's fields are not guaranteed to be cleared.

- Chuck

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