GeoNode Data Issue in Gesture Algorithm Module (via UtilPipeline)

GeoNode Data Issue in Gesture Algorithm Module (via UtilPipeline)

Hi all,

Not sure if any of you have encountered this before.

Having made the available GeoNode coordinates of all fingers displayed nicely in realtime on my debug program (via the UtilPipeline derivation), it suddenly become clear that there seems to be a bug inside the gesture algorithm (or the middle layers), which could result a strange data swap between the primary and secondary hands sometimes.

Repro steps:
1. Starts the program
2. Let the program detects your single hand and move around in the FOV
3. Let your other hand join in the FOV and move around (without colliding with each other to make sure no cheating ;-) 
4. Move your first hand out of the FOV, then followed by the second one.
5. Now move one of your hand (Left or Right of your own choice) back into the FOV...   you may notice that this could be detected as the secondary hand although this is the one and only hand being tracked since the "empty" session earlier.....  (If step 5 does not occur, repeating step 2-4 may demonstrate the mentioned problem)

Once this occurred, moving your single hand out and back in again would not help regardless of how many times you do this, as the coordinate data will remain at the secondary one, while the Primary ones stay zero.......  

Because of this unpredicted behavior, getting the realible coordinates from the Primary hand can be difficult for the program as the data source could be fairly random from the primary/secondary....


Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
Perceptual Comp. SDK Gold Release
Visual Studio 2010
Debug Program Win 32-bit  derived from UtilPipeline class


Downloadimage/png geonode-bug.png26.67 KB
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Thanks for reporting.

U're most welcome  ;-)

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