Intel PXCFaceAnalysis::Attribute::Index

Intel PXCFaceAnalysis::Attribute::Index

How do I use the SDK funtionalities  of PXCFaceAnalysis::Attribute::Index, Because in  the Intelisthe sdkmanual-face.pdf ,I can't find a function using th Index enumeratio tw surfaces but facial expression data,such as INDEX_EYE_CLOSED_FEMALE.

Which is a function of I have to choose,and whice is the function  used in the parameter index enumeration members as a function of transfer?

how I do it??

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Please refer to documentation

and sample code in file sample\common\src\face_render.cpp.

The application can use the QueryData function of the PXCFaceAnalysis::Attribute interface to retrieve facial attribute data. The function returns the likelihood score for each attribute data. For example, in Example 44, the application retrieves the smiling likelihood score. The score is pre-filtered by the smiling threshold, thus any score bigger than zero indicates a smile.

Certain attributes, such as age group or gender, have more than one attribute likelihood score. The application can use the Index enumerator to access each attribute in the likelihood score array. For example, scores[INDEX_GENDER_FEMALE] is the likelihood score of the face being a female face.

PXCFaceAnalysis::Attribute *attr=face->DynamicCast<PXCFaceAnalysis::Attribute>();

for (int i=0;;i++) {

   pxcUID fid;

   if (face->QueryFace(i,&fid)<PXC_STATUS_NO_ERROR) break;

   pxcU32 smile;


   if (smile>0) {

       // face fid smiled

   } else {

       // face fid not yet smile



Example 44: Retrieve Facial Attribute Data for All Faces

Hi Mikhail Nikolsky,

Thanks for the clarification, But

attr->QueryData(PXCFaceAnalysis::Attribute::LABEL_EMOTION,fid,&smile); this is not updating the variable 'smile'.

when I see the return status of the QueryData I see PXC_STATUS_ITEM_UNAVAILABLE as the result, So can you please help in resolving this issue.


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